Accountants with specialist experience in Saffron Waldon

Forensic services

The combination of skills and experience outlined throughout this website mean that we are ideally placed to act as expert witnesses in all areas of agricultural/landed estate disputes.

David has worked in a very wide range of one-off assignments in this category ranging from valuing the losses arising from a split reservoir liner on a vegetable producer for the supermarkets through to establishing the impact of contaminated feed and/or water in a range of cases to assisting in numerous (sadly) divorce settlements.

Business reviews

We are ideally placed to carry out overall business reviews for farms and landed estates. The advantage we have is that we can comment on both the actual farm performance (see benchmarking below), as well as review the business structure and tax consequences. We can advice on any actions needed in relation to the financial or tax structuring and capital tax consequences of any changes.

In relation to farm performance we can identify issues, but we are not agronomists or machinery specialists. We work in conjunction with other specialists to address these issues.


Our concentration of clients in the agriculture sector means that we can provide a benchmarking service which can truly add value to your business. We know that data has been collated on a ‘like for like’ basis and our experience in the sector allows us to interpret the output in a way which is useful for management purposes.